Comparison of Packard Bell Dot SE/R-411UK 10″ (LU.BT50D.021) vs Fusion5 S14
Comparison of Fusion5 S14 vs Packard Bell Dot SE/R-411UK 10″ (LU.BT50D.021)

Packard Bell Dot SE/R-411UK 10″ (LU.BT50D.021) vs Fusion5 S14

Comparison summary

For performance Fusion5 S14 has a bit better performing processor. It also has more memory.

S14 has Windows 10 Pro, which is safer than Windows 7 that is in Packard Bell Dot SE/R-411UK 10″.

S14 has a bigger screen.

S14 is a bit cheaper.

Compare technical specifications of Packard Bell Dot SE/R-411UK 10″ (LU.BT50D.021)
Compare technical specifications of Fusion5 S14

Packard Bell Dot SE/R-411UK 10″ (LU.BT50D.021)

Fusion5 S14

Compare specifications

Packard Bell Dot SE/R-411UK 10″ (LU.BT50D.021)Fusion5 S14
Processor (CPU)?Central Processing Unit is the heart of a laptop and is responsible for executing programs.
Intel Atom SeriesIntel Celeron Series
Memory (RAM)?Memory increases the general speed of a laptop.
Screen size
Screen resolution
-Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
-1.27 kg
Operating system (OS)
Windows 7Windows 10 Pro
Release date
December 9, 2021December 9, 2021 List Price
£229.99£220.95 Lowest New Price
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Packard Bell Dot SE/R-411UK 10.1 inch Netbook (Intel Atom N455, 1GB Ram, 250GB HDD, 7.5h battery life, Webcam, WiFi, Windows 7 Starter) - Red

Intel Atom N455 Processor

10.1" LCD Screen

Social network button

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Full Version software

Windows 7 Starter

2 in 1 card reader


14.1" Full HD Windows 10 Professional Slim n Light Laptop, Revolutionary Design - 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage S14+ Model Lapbook, Intel Celeron, USB 3.0, 5GHz WIFI, Expandable Storage (64GB)

Terrific Download and Upload Speeds & FusionCharge Technology: S14+ Windows Laptop PC features 5 GHz WIFI which means the download and upload speeds are atleast 2x faster than traditional laptops. Furthermore, Fusion5 S14+ laptop adapts our innovative FusionCharge Technology which means it can now charge quickly and can hold the charge for longer times than a traditional laptop.

Dual Storage and More: Your new Lapbook comes with 4GB of DDR4 RAM and built-in storage of 64GB. Furthermore, storage can be expanded up to 1TB with a Micro SD card or M.2 SSD.

Super Light and Flexible: Fusion5 S14+ notebook is revolutionary design. The laptop is a slimline and light in weight. This is one laptop that is easy to carry around.

Amazing Viewer Experience: This Fusion5 Laptop PC come with an Amazing 14.1 inch 1920*1080 Full HD IPS display meaning you can now compute on the move in stunning Full HD and High resolution for the Ultimate portable Windows notebook laptop experience.

12 Months UK Warranty and Service Centre From a 10 Years Old Brand - Fusion5 is honouring warranties since 2010. We have the upmost confidence in our product range of Laptops and Notebooks - so much so that we offer a full 12 month UK warranty period, applicable to our UK Service Centre.